Sunday, March 11, 2012

On My Mind: A List

I love when you find a shirt that has a list of cool things..

I love lists.  I love the simplicity and brevity of points on a list and I love the way each point can represent so much.  (Might I add, I am not talking about grocery lists or to do lists, although they’re also fun to make).  I mean lists of favourite books or best spoonerisms or travel destinations.  Imagine my delight at finding sites like or where you can read or create lists for any topic you can dream of!

Whether informative or serious or funny (personal best), lists make me happy.

And so, this is a list of my current preoccupations:
  • drinking cappuccinos in air conditioned coffee shops
  • delicious fried rice from the Russian Market
  • learning Khmer
  • Engrish eg. "The place where a fresh smell always lives" (on my notebook)
  • culinary delights (post of their own)
  • cute stationary
  • sustainable development and social justice
  • missing friends and family in South Africa
  • taking photos on the “toy camera”setting
  • making friends
  • writing
  • wondering (and hoping) if I’ll ever earn money from writing, photographing, travelling and spending time with people
  • finding a job
  • taking off on a bicycle without wobbling
  • mentally editing other people’s websites/blogs
  • daydreaming
  • Pinterest
  • breakfast wraps
  • checking for comments on my blog


  1. Just so you can check for comments on your blog...
    Love Bea:)