Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Good Stuff: French Toast

I love food.  Cooking it, baking it, thinking about it, eating it.. you name it.

I also have an inherent mistrust of recipes and very rarely will I follow a recipe to the letter.  At times this has been disastrous (flat, sticky, rock hard 'cake' and sticky, rock hard, spoon bending mulberry jam come to mind) and at other times it works out perfectly (and so I keep releasing my inner Nigella, convinced my idea will work just as well if not better than the recipe I'm cooking from). I frequently don't even bother with a recipe (except when baking, that story is for another day).

Anyway, inspired by my friend Claire and the fact that I have the day off work, I decided to make my own version of French Toast for lunch:

I'm fairly sure you'll like it..

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