Saturday, February 25, 2012

Highlights Package

Every day this week I have ventured further afield, whether intentionally or through getting lost.  It's been fun and everyday brings new experiences and discoveries.  Some of the week's happenings:

  • I have sat in many coffee shops and restaurants, sometimes to eat out, sometimes as an escape from the heat.  I sampled a Khmer salad with some familiar ingredients (chicken, pineapple, basil, chili) and some unidentifiable, yet delicious ones. 
  • I have graduated from catching tuk-tuks to catching motos and find it quite exhilarating riding around on the back of a scooter. 
  • The Russian market was ventured into and the silks, scarves, DVD's, ceramics etc on display are quite thrilling.
  • I narrowed down my job options to it's just to decide which one.
  • I went to look at the Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda.. Accidentally missed seeing the Palace by going through a one way exit but managed to at least see some temples and the Pagoda.  besides the stunning architecture, elaborate embellishments and exquisitely maintained gardens, the highlight was the old man sleepily plucking his chin hairs in a corner of the temple.
  • Sitting down in for coffee (in an air conditioned cafe) I was joined by a Vietnamese woman named Thy Da who proceeded to have a rather stilted but very sweet conversation with me.
  • The kindest, loveliest girls who've welcomed me into their home and their friendship group.
  • Watched Safe House at the newly built Legends cinema.. woohoo Cape Town and Ryan Reynolds speaking Afrikaans, "Ëk's 'n polisieman!" was my best.
  • Celebrating International Margerita Day.
  • Planning weekends away to beautiful beach's.
  • I meandered along Sisowath Quay and discovered some great second hand bookstores and scenic photographic opportunities.
A few pictures:)
View from where I'm staying

Sisowath Quay

Saffron Robe

Is this Riel for real?

Market/shop finds


    What is this wat? (Sorry, couldn't resist)
  • Sitting in a tuk-tuk looking for a tuk-tuk.

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