Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Weekend in Kep

A few weeks ago some friends and I headed to a little coastal town called Kep for the weekend.  Kep was a seaside resort during French colonial times, and many once beautiful French homes now stand empty and derelict.  My small town heart comes alive in a place like Kep.  The natural beauty, quiet roads and open spaces do wonders for my soul and it was a wonderful weekend of hanging out and relaxing.  No good holiday is complete without delicious food and a highlight was the Nutella and banana laden pancake I had at a restaurant called Led Zep.  Led Zep is set pretty high up on the mountain and has a picturesque view as well as old photographs showing life in Kep circa 1960 and onwards.

My friend Michelle kindly lent me her camera for the weekend and I thrived at the opportunity to use something quite a few notches up from my point and shoot:)

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