Saturday, October 6, 2012

Start dancing lessons... check.

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This year has been full of firsts.. countries, friends, jobs.  Not to mention new experiences such as eating crickets and frogs and joining the ranks of the moto driving populace.  Lately however, the excitement has worn off as I've gotten into the routine of working and not everything is new anymore.  I've been feeling like a I need a new challenge, something out of the ordinary to do.

I have an extensive bucket list which is ever growing in length and scope.  Ever the optimist, it includes things like, watch the migration ove the Serengeti from a hot air balloon. (However, earlier drafts have been modified e.g. "Do the Dusi".. ya.. never going to happen).  

For years I've wanted to learn to dance and after discovering that Phnom Penh has salsa classes on offer and at the invitation of my friend Katie, I finally went to a class last Wednesday.  I had 2 major concerns:
1) whether or not I would get the steps
2) my lack of a partner

Katie gave me a quick crash course before the class started which helped immensely and despite a few false starts, it didn't take long to catch on.  Regarding the partners, to my surprise the ratio of men to women was hopeful and we rotated partners so that avoided the angst of hoping someone will pick you!  My partners were a motley crue:
1 guy was so tall that my shoulder started cramping
1 had flamboyant movements that totally threw me off and I kept losing count
1 was as clueless as me and so we kept peering over at the instructor to figure out how exactly we were both supposed to spin at the same time without letting go of each other's hands
1 was slightly self deprecating which made him the nicest to dance with

They were all great and it wasn't intimidating at all.  I can't wait to go back next week.  A few changes will be made however.. I wil not wear slops, I will introduce myself to my partner before we take hold of each other and start dancing and I will keep a beady eye out for potentially foot impaling heels.. 

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