Sunday, December 2, 2012

Play Penh Festivities

We have a real live tree in our house..

 All covered up with ornaments and lights it almost looks like a real fir tree.  Time to crack out the Christmas tunes, Christmas season is upon us.  As with transporting most things in Cambodia, a moto (scooter) was employed.  After picking out our tree at the nursery, my friend sat as far forward on her moto as possible, back ramrod straight and elbows bent.  I then climbed on and sat as far back as possible, feeling a little precarious on the edge of my seat.  With the help of the nursery staff we positioned the tree between us and off we went.  My friend gamely put up with the rather stiff, sharp leaves poking her in the back while I held on for dear life with one hand as we picked our way between a few strategically placed potholes.  We arrived home triumphantly, all 3 of us intact.

I love the festive season, what fun:)

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