Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Countdown Begins

One of my favourite Christmas traditions is the advent calendar.  Before I joined Pinterest all I knew were the cardboard ones from CNA with a chocolate hidden behind each little door.  Part of the challenge was to stick to only 1 chocolate a day until the grand prize on the 24th, an extra big, Father Christmas shaped choc if I remember correctly.

Now I know that advent calendars come in all shapes and sizes and this year there will be no daily chocolate, but instead a daily activity.  Every day, from today until the 21st December my housemate and I will open an envelope, inside which will be an activity.

DAY 1:

We chose one Christmas episode from How I Met Your Mother and from New Girl.  Both were hilarious and a good end to the weekend as well as a great start to our advent fun.

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