Monday, August 12, 2013

In Which I Take Steps To Become A Better Writer

Hackneyed phrases, overused tropes, dull or confusing metaphors. These all come to mind immediately when I am writing, naturally near the top due to frequent use.  With the advent of social media the rate at which things go from new and fresh to cliched is faster than ever and it's a great challenge to bring originality to something that has been said many times before.

But where there's dross there must be gold right? Perhaps, with enough digging and clearing away it can be mined.

What trips me up in my pursuit of becoming the kind of writer who gets published is that I am acutely aware of the great gap between the current quality of my writing and the standard to which I aspire. Ira Glass perfectly captures my feelings on this:

And so begins my experiment in free writing.  
30 minutes of continuous writing every day, non stop and without censure.  My hope is that this exercise will unclog the stoppages in my mind and get my creative juices flowing, eventually leading to a point when my taste and what ability to produce will be closer together.  

The reason I am putting this on my blog is an attempt to keep myself accountable as well as use this space to write about things other than travel.

And away we go.

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