Monday, August 5, 2013

Music to Travel South East Asia by..

I'm a great fan of overland travel, for the views it provides of a country that are completely missed from a plane and also for other reasons that I can't think of right now.  That said, it can be exhausting and there were times during my recent trip through Thailand, Laos and Vietnam when I longed for the comfort of a 1 hour plane road as opposed to a 15 hour overnight bus ride.  A few key elements helped make these long trips sometimes enjoyable and always bearable:
~good company, beautiful scenery, books that were so good I didnt mind getting carsick while reading them, solitaire (game of champions) and lots of awesome music.

So, here is a sampling of the songs I played on repeat while curled into the foetal position in an attempt to stay warm under a blasting air con, or gazing out the window at undulating (isnt that a funny word?) rice terraces or averting my face from the creepy creeperson who stared unflinchingly..


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